Saturday, 7 May 2016

May 07, 2016
There are very less number of men who don't like greenery and plants. One of the healthiest hobby is "Gardening". Many people like to plant beautiful seasonal or evergreen plants in their houses, offices, lobbies, hotels, corridors, balconies etc. But in big cities specially in this busy life, one is unable to take a good care of these plants and water them on time. Keeping this issue in mind, a student from National College of Arts, Lahore took this project as her Final Thesis Work. Ms. Kiran Naeem is student of NCA Lahore and she worked on this project. These self watering plants pots/containers are designed by her, these are a kind of "Terracotta Pots" but designed with some special material which stores the water for long time. She showcased her work in annual Final Thesis Work at NCA Lahore. These pots/containers featuring a unique idea and technique of "Self Watering". She designed these pots/containers in two portions, in which one is used as water container and the other is soil and plant container. The most important thing is a connector, which transfer required amount of water from water container to the roots of plant. This transformer made of special mixture of soil, some organic fertilizers & some other secret ingredients. This medium between two portion transfer the required amount of water to the plant's root. 
This type of pots is more suitable for those plants lovers / gardeners who remains away for more time from their plants/gardens. They do not need to be worried for watering their plants in their absence. 
If Government provides facilities at educational institutions to refine these works and Private Sectors as well, invest in these projects the students will be encouraged. By supporting these students who work in the field of innovation and invention, no doubt, their work will be polished and this cream of the country will work more and industrious.  
Here are some pictures of the show, have a look:


  1. How to contact or KiraKiranbgo get these types of pot .
    Zia 0333 4092724