Friday, 28 October 2016

October 28, 2016
Sea-Buckthorn is native plant of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Sea-Buckthorn is a medicinal plant. It is a hardy, deciduous shrub or medium size tree having 2.5m to 6 m height. Sea-Buckthorn shrubs/trees are found in Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan areas and known as Mirghenzمیرغنز in Chitrali Language. Its botanical name is Hippophae Rhamnoids. It bears yellow to orange berries, which have been used for different medicinal purposes. The plant is primarily valued for its golden-orange fruits. These berries are rich source of vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other nutrients. Also used for improving blood pressure and lowering cholesterol and preventing blood vessel diseases and boosting immunity.


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